With over 20 years of comedic experience, an “off-the-cuff” and natural ability to make others laugh has made him not only one of the funniest, but one of the most well respected comedians in the industry.

Clarence Da’Mone Jones was born in Dallas, Texas to the parents of Clarence and Martha Jones. He was raised in Grand Prairie (Dalworth), Texas in the home with a very strong mother and grandmother, and his two sisters. As the only boy, he very quickly learned how to provide for his family. He grew up being a prankster, cracking jokes, making people laugh, and was always the life of the party.

He attended school in Grand Prairie at Dalworth Elementary, Ferguson Junior High School, and graduated from Sam Houston High School in 1983. He is a lover of sports, including basketball, football, and his favorite…boxing.(that might be why the first CD was name “Fight Go Wit It”).

His work history includes welding, truck driving, and construction. He settled on a career as a (barber stylist) where his comedic talents were discovered. When he is not on the stage, you can find him at Paris Salon Studios on Sublett Street in Arlington, Texas. 

His motto is “Don’t Cheat Yourself…Treat Yourself” and “Barber Styling At It’s Best Ever” ….and that’s exactly what he provides. He is just as talented with a pair of clippers as he is with a microphone in his hand.

He is first and foremost, a child of God, a dedicated father of seven children and grandfather of six. He and his family are active members of The Potter’s House located in Dallas, Texas.

He has a knack for delivering thought provoking and wickedly funny comedy material. He has an energy like no one else, and guarantees that you will not leave his show without literally hurting yourself from laughter. 

His style of comedy forces you to laugh as he displays a side of this world you may not have considered. Once you leave one of his shows, you will leave with at least two things: a strong desire for more comedy and a face exceedingly sore from laughing. The topics of his shows are often autobiographical and mostly based upon his life experiences.

His first show was at Vipers in September 2004, where he was discovered by fellow comedian and friend, Los Codie. He has recorded with Def Comedy Jam, Who’s Got Jokes and has shared the stage with Wild n Out, Monique, DC Curry, Michael Blackson, B Plat, Rudy Rush, Capone Rob Stapleton, Wil Sylvince, Roz G, B Cole, Kier Spates, Kenny Howell, Hope Flood, Juan Villareal and a host of others.